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Day-to-day stress, various environmental factors, wrong posture and bad eating habits are the reasons for many people’s symptoms of discomfort such as restlessness, tenseness, insomnia and severe pain. Our therapy is the first ever patented massage-method that
enhances the physical as well as the mental and spiritual regeneration capacity.

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Cell Regeneration
By encouraging blood flow cells are provided with more oxygen and nutrients. This procedure also helps detoxing and purifying the body much faster which leads to quick cell regeneration and simultaneously enhances the body’s self-healing capacities.
Improved Performance
Our blood = the liquid force that keeps us alive transports everything necessary to increase our performance through our bloodstream. Every minute of every hour our blood circulation sustains our organs and muscular tissue by providing vital nutrients.
Pain Relief Therapy
Enhanced blood circulation leads to muscles being provided with more nutrients and oxygen. This strengthens the muscles which then support your joints more efficiently. Ultimately, this has a pain-relieving effect.

You can adjust the massaging programs according to your individual needs and make use of the programs specifically for cell regeneration, improved performance, pain relief therapy or for anti-aging purposes – just as you please. The therapy is a mixture of vibrations and infrared deep heat with frequencies much higher than those of conventional therapy methods.

​Through their infrared technology our patented massage systems let the mechanical frequencies enter deep into the body, which generates biological resonances on a cellular level throughout the entire organism. This causes the blood and the lymphatic fluid to be set into motion and thereby helps detoxing and purifying the body. At the same time the therapy brings about total stress relief in a short matter of time. The therapy makes it possible to relieve pain, tension and simultaneously increases blood circulation resulting in rapid cell regeneration and enhancing the body’s self-healing capacities.

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