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Due to their health-promoting effect, natural products will replace a large part of conventional body care products. Once you have enjoyed the benefits of natural products, you will not want to make any more compromises in the future. With yesline-natural products one can do daily good for the skin, body, organism and spirit.


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dry, sensitive skin
Announce the fight to winter! With the help of natural, moisturizing ingredients, our unbeatable cosmetic line provides dry skin with everything it needs to maintain its health as gently as possible.
reddened skin
No more uneven complexion! Our natural cosmetics with soothing aloe vera and mare's milk offer the ideal care and help to reduce skin irritations.
impure skin
THE miracle cure for pimples and oily skin: Our cleansing milk is antibacterial and guaranteed suitable for all skin types to finally get rid of impurities!

What problems does your skin show?

We have made it our business to use only high-quality products for our natural cosmetics. This begins with controlled cultivation and the gentle processing of the plants within a very short time after harvesting.

We know that naturalness is in our nature. This is why so many people have been relying on our mare’s milk and aloe vera natural cosmetics and our active products for years. With yesline we have found a logical consequence to our fresh natural cosmetics line and our active products. Our high-quality and patented massage devices, mattresses and pillows turn your precious rest and relaxation phases into real recreation for body, mind and soul.

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