Original crystal salt of the Himalayan foothills – granulates (coarse salt crystals)


The original crystal salt of the Himalayan foothills can be used for cooking, seasoning in general and as a bath salt. Thanks to its particularly fine, crystal structure the nutrients and elements contained in the salt can be absorbed directly by our cells and influence our body positively. Himalayan crystal salt has detoxifying and cleansing well-ness effects.

Contents: 6kg

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Preparation of brine: Fill a glass (no plastic cups) with the salt crystals and pure spring water (enlivened water). ). Approximately after an hour you should have the result of a brine with 26% salt content. This concentrate will not become any stronger. The brine is ready to use. If there is too little water, add more. If the salt crystals have dissolved completely, add new ones to the glass.


refill package 6kg granulates (coarse salt crystals)