Magnesium + for your well-being


Magnesium is a vital mineral that keeps your body and mind healthy and active. Magnesium deficiency has severe consequences, especially for older people who usually need more magnesium anyway.

Contents: 30 capsules

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30 capsules


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“Magnesium for your well-being” contains:

• The important mineral magnesium. Because our body cannot produce magnesium itself, we need to be sure we take in enough via our diet. That’s why daily supplementation of magnesium is sensible and reasonable.

• Selenium in biologically bound form, that protects our cells from damaging external influences.

• Provitamin A and vitamin C and E, that reinforce this protection.

• B complex vitamins that strengthen the nerves.

• Biotin and pantothenic acid that keep your skin healthy

• Pumpkin seed oil to strengthen the metabolic function

Supplementing magnesium, B complex vitamins and vitamin C can help with fatigue and exhaustion. Magnesium also protects the brain activity and can help relieve the pain of muscle cramps.

„Magnesium for your well-being” can help prevent magnesium deficiency symptoms and vitamin deficiencies.

Ingredients per 100 g:

Gelatine, Sojaöl raffiniert, 12,71 g Trimagnesiumdicitrat, 11,83 g Kürbiskernöl, 8,87 g Magnesiumoxyd, 7,91 g Ascorbinsäure (Vitamin C), Feuchthaltemittel Glycerin, Feuchthaltemittel Sorbit, Emulgator Sojalecithin, 3,17 g D-α-Tocopherol-Konz. (natürliches Vitamin E), 1,63 g Selenhefe, 0,95 g Nicotinsäureamid, 0,49 g Calciumpantothenat, Farbstoff E172, 0,40 g β-Carotin 39% (Provitamin A), 0,083 g Riboflavin (Vitamin B2), 0,08 g Thiaminnitrat (Vitamin B1), 11,83 mg Folsäure, 2,96 mg Biotin, 0,44 mg Cyanocobalamin (Vitamin B12)