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increases performance
improves well-being
optimizes your sleeping comfort
more quality of life

The yesline massage mattress is a world first. Experience a completely new dimension of wellbeing! An orthopedic sleeping system with the best materials – visco foam and silver-protect mattress cover with built-in massage and infrared heating, oscillating massage motors ensure pure relaxation like magical hands of experienced masseurs.

Structure of the mattress: 200 mm sandwich structure

150 mm orth. Basic foam – 7 zones
50 mm visco foam – 7 zones
Profiling and climate drilling
SILVER PROTECT mattress cover with zipper, removable and washable

Massage system: 6 oscillating massage motors

Switchable carbon heating in the foot area
hand control


rolled in a box
approx. 25 kg (depending on size)
materials tested for harmful substances

Prevention is better than cure!

Standard sizes:

90 cm x 200 cm x 20 cm (B x L x H)

90 cm x 190 cm x 20 cm (B x L x H)

Special sizes available on request – also children’s mattresses

Technical specifications:

Power consumption: approx. 50 – 70 watts (depending on the equipment)
Operating voltage: 12V
Handmade in Germany
Warranty: 2 years

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