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Our mattresses and pillows contain knowledge from space research. Modern sleep laboratories have taken advantage of NASA techniques and developed them further for your ideal sleeping comfort. The visco-elastic foam or cold foam of our mattresses reacts immediately to physical pressure loads and distributes them over the entire lying surface. This is exactly why you feel like you are floating even before you fall asleep.


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Pressure load
Through our further developed materials in the yesline mattresses we achieve an enormous pressure relief of the sensitive body areas such as shoulders, pelvis and heel.
Since our materials in the yesline mattresses are very point-elastic and the pressure load is distributed over the entire lying surface, tensions are released.
Since the pressure load on the shoulder, pelvis and heel is distributed over the entire lying surface, joints and spine are relieved and the pain is significantly improved.

For the sake of your health!

Leave behind false pressure loads, tension, inflammation and pain with yesline sleeping systems. From now on simply sleep wonderfully on a yesline-mattress and wake up in the morning completely relaxed and regenerated.

The incorporated silver threads keep uninvited visitors away. House dust mites have no place in your bed from now on. Yesline sleeping systems with upper and lower bed, mattresses and pillows are therefore particularly well tolerated by allergy sufferers, are antibacterial and extremely easy to care for. In addition to private individuals, hotels, hospitals and public and private care facilities are already taking advantage of the excellent comfort.

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