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 Our mattresses and pillows are influenced by discoveries of space research. Modern sleep labs have looked into NASA technology and developed it further to enhance your sleeping experience: Our mattresses consist of viscoelastic material or cold foam that helps distributing pressure points across the entire bed surface. That’s why you feel like you are floating – even before falling asleep.

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Our yesline-mattresses – made of well-developed materials - help relieving pressure off sensitive areas of the body such as the shoulders, the pelvis and the heels.
The materials of our yesline – mattresses offer excellent point elasticity distributing the pressure points across the entire bed surface which results in relieving muscular tenseness.
Because the pressure on the shoulders, the pelvis and the heels is distributed evenly across the bed surface – giving your joints and spine a break off constant stress – your pain levels decrease immensely.

With yesline-sleep systems wrong distribution of pressure, tenseness, inflammations and pain will be left behind. From now on you can fall asleep peacefully laying on a yesline-mattress and wake up in the morning well-rested and ready for the new day to come.

The integrated silver threads prevent unwanted visitors from making themselves comfortable – dust mites don’t have a chance anymore. Therefore, yesline-sleep systems – including duvets, mattress covers as well as pillows – are well suited for allergy sufferers because they are antibacterial and also low maintenance. Not only people who use the sleep-systems in private but also hotels, hospitals and private care facilities are convinced of yesline’s high-quality products.

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